A new low for the webhost4life folks

Several years ago, I posted about webhost4life and what I considered a good act of customer service by their organization. Reading through the comments, you can see that that post has turned into a sounding board for webhost4life grumblers.

I’ve posted other comments regarding webhost4life on my blog, specifically the comment policy which was related to a comment from a webhost4life representative that I received regarding the post above. He wanted me to delete the negative comments. I replied and described my comment policy to him and have not heard from him since. Or so I thought…

The last two comments on the original post (from Bruce and Bill) interestingly enough came from the same IP. I feel ethically obligated to refrain from revealing the IP address in this post. However, what’s even more interesting is that when a whois lookup is done on that IP, it shows UNI MARKETING ALLIANCE. If you’re not familiar, UNI MARKETING ALLIANCE is the corporation which is doing business as webhost4life.com.

Posting fake comments on a site to attempt to improve your organization’s appearance on the internet is a despicable thing to do. More now than ever, I feel that my decision to leave webhost4life.com has been validated.

To the webhost4life.com folks: rather than posting fake comments on blogs that represent a fair evaluation of your services, you may be better off focusing on improving the service. Customers are much smarter than you give them credit for.