You know, there is a lot of grumbling in the blogsphere about webhost4life. I wanted to relay an experience that I had with them today; an experience which resulted in them keeping me as a client.

Late yesterday evening, I transferred a client’s website to webhost4life because they are now looking at using SharePoint Team Services for their collaboration needs. All emails were transferred over and the transition went very smoothly … until this morning. My clients started receiving emails mentioning that emails were not deliverable because they had reached their quota.

I did some reasarch into this and found that for some reason, webhost4life has a very low email quota (only 20mb). This particular client has a requirement that their email be available on multiple shared computers, so the only way to get around this is IMAP. Now, you can imagine how quickly 20mb gets chewed up if you store all of your email on the server.

To make a long story short, webhost4life was very sympathetic to my needs for this client and ultimately ended up moving me to another email server which allowed for a greater quota. Talk about fantastic customer service. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen for me today.

The only thing that would have made this better would have been for webhost4life to prominently display the fact that their mail accounts have a quota (and that they are not tied to your disk space). I’m using blogomania.com for this blog, and your email accounts are only limited by the amount of disk space that you have.

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