Has it really been five years?

Five years ago today, I launched this blog as a way to work on my writing skills as well as give back a little to the community that I’ve learned so much from. It’s been a very fun and interesting ride. I’ve much enjoyed being able to provide technical information to my audience.

A recent review of my Google Analytics account showed the following posts as the most popular on this site. Interestingly enough, the single most popular post on this site has no technical nature whatsoever. The rest I’ve noticed are very tactical in nature and are probably a result of having almost 75% of my traffic driven by search engines.

Over the past five years, I’ve created 757 posts that have generated 1378 comments. I’ve had visits from 183 countries/territories across the globe. This has far surpassed anything that I originally thought would happen with this site. After all, who would want to listen to a geek from Boise, Idaho? My goal for this site for the next five years is to continue to provide technical, how-to information. I’d also like to increase the social aspects of the site and look forward to posting things that cause conversations to occur on this site as well as others.

Here’s to five more years. Thank you to all of my readers. You mean more to me than I can ever express. Keep reading and I will keep writing.