Windows Vista and the screensaver

I had installed Windows Vista RC2 a while back, and just recently (over the weekend) installed the RTM version of Vista on my work laptop (a Dell D820).

One thing that has been driving me bonkers is that the screensaver refuses to kick in. I decided to finally look into what could be causing that, and went to Google. Google brought back a hit to this site that talked about a similar issue, where he realized the mouse was causing the operating system to not turn the screensaver on.

Surely, this couldnt be my problem… After all, Im running a Microsoft cordless mouse (Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000) and surely Microsoft software should work with Microsoft hardware. I yanked mouse and sure enough… the screensaver turned on in 2 minutes.

Fantastic… so where does that leave me now? In the market for a new mouse, I guess. Any recommendations?