Cygwin - unable to remap to same address as parent

I find the windows command prompt somewhat limiting and have never really been able to make the leap to Powershell. Personally, I like to use a Cygwin shell for command line work. I am comfortable in a unix shell with previous Linux and Mac experience. I’m not an expert by any means, but I can get by.

Recently, I installed the Cygwin shell on my 64bit Windows 7 system. After installing the developer tools and trying to compile ruby 1.9.2, I found that I had a tremendous amount of problems building. Id see numerous errors that stated:

unable to remap file to same address as parent ruby ### fork: child XXX - died waiting for dll

The most commonly referenced solution was to rebase by doing the following:

  1. Start -> Run
  2. cmd.exe
  3. cd c:\path\to\cygwin\bin\
  4. ash.exe
  5. ./bin/rebaseall
  6. Reboot

However, this did not work for me. I found a message on the cygwin mailing list stating that the gems may not add information to the proper paths and that we must create the list manually.

To do this, first from your cygwin shell do:

find /lib/ruby/gems -name '*.so' > /tmp/

Then, follow steps the steps above, replacing step five with:

./bin/rebaseall -T /tmp/

Since performing this, I have not seen any more of the remap file errors. Your mileage may vary though.