Website no-nos

Matt Berther bio photo By Matt Berther Comment

Note to self and other website designers: when building your website, please make sure that you don't refuse access to a site based on the absence of a piece of software. I'm attempting to register with to activate an account and because the javascript for the page checks whether or not I have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed I am unable to proceed with my registration. I mean, come on...

I know that a lot of people have Acrobat Reader installed, but it's hardly fair to assume that everyone that connects to your site has Acrobat Reader installed. On my MacBook Pro, I prefer using Leopard's and on Windows, I much prefer Foxit Reader to that bloated piece of crap called Acrobat Reader... As it stands now, I need to either build up a VM to register with the site, or borrow someone's computer simply to register and activate.