List.ForEach and Single Responsibility Principle

Mladen discusses the performance of List<T>.ForEach vs foreach and finds that the earlier is more performant than other methods of iterating collections. The comments are rather interesting and most focus on the readability/maintainability of one versus the other. The primary argument is that you should prefer maintainability/readability over performance. I completely agree with this.

I disagree with the commenters in that I feel that List<T>.ForEach actually reads better. In addition, the List<T>.ForEach construct stays true to the single responsibility principle. Other classes should not know how to iterate a collection, only that the interface supports it. The calling class only passes a delegate that should be executed on each item in the collection.

I talked about this point in an article entitled refactoring away external loops. The code in the article is .NET 1.1 specific, but the point of the article still applies.