Hibernating with Rhinos

Oren Eini (more popularly known as Ayende Rahien) has started a series of video casts to introduce his exemplary mocking framework known as Rhino Mocks. Rhino Mocks has recently shipped version 3.0, and I want to congratulate Oren on this milestone.

His video cast provides an introduction to Rhino Mocks, and also helps to understand how you might use it.

As Ayende states in his message announcing the cast, this is his first time doing something like this and suggests that there is an abundance of things wrong with the cast. I have to say that I disagree with him on this.

Sure, this isnt as polished as DNR TV, but then again, not much is. The important part of any cast on the net is not how well its polished, but rather the content behind it. I’d rather have an unpolished cast that has wonderful content behind it, rather than a well polished turd. :)

To this, I say, Ayende… This was fantastic. I enjoyed getting insight on using Rhino Mocks from the creator himself. I also really enjoyed seeing how the mind of a true TDDer works. Writing tests before writing code. It sounds good in theory, but making it work in practice is much more difficult. I think as more people watch this show, they’ll see that its really quite easy. It just requires some thought. I am so looking forward to the next one. :)

By the way, was it just me, or did anyone else find it hysterical that Ayende at the end of this cast mentioned that he updates his blog “occasionally”? I mean seriously… This guy cranks out more posts in a day than I do in a month, and its occasional?!?