More webhost4life Incompetency

People have sent me email wondering why I decided to cancel my webhost4life account. Originally, I felt very happy with the account, however, what I noticed was that service quickly deteriorated. This was quickly realized when I asked them to do a restore of a sharepoint site that I had hosted with them. They pointed out that they did not have any backups. Imagine my incredulousness, especially as I recalled their guarantee.

Regardless, that’s not the point of this post… The point is that I’ve gotten even more signs of incompetence from this organization. About 3 months ago, I did cancel my accounts with them, and notified them in writing. I am no longer able to access any of my sites, however, I’ve been getting emails that state “your account is about to expire. Please take action.”

The best one was the one I got today…

Dear matt berther,

You have -5 days left before the following webhosting account item expires:

Item Name = $19.95/Month Plan

Renew it before 1-24-2007 or it will expire.

If it is a Hosting Service Plan, make sure you renew it or you’ll lose your website, and all referral commissions.

And remember, when your referrals renew, you’ll earn commissions again!

-5 days left before the webhosting account expires. Awesome. Also, by my count, the difference between 1-24-2007 (the date it apparently expires) and 1-30-2007 (today) is 6 days…