Political use of social media

Robert Scoble posted a question to Barack Obama regarding whether or not he has met with any bloggers yet. I find this very interesting in a number of ways, including the fact that bloggers helped keep the media honest during the last election season. It’s interesting to see how the candidates will engage the bloggers to help push their political agendas.

The first post to the blog at mattberther.com was 4 years ago in March. It’s interesting to see how blogging has evolved over the past several years, and to see how the main stream is using the technology to disseminate their ideas to people that are interested in reading it.

I still enjoy thinking of blogging and RSS in the same way that I was first introduced to it. Blogging is a forum for people to get their thoughts out. RSS is the vehicle for me to be notified when anyone that I find interesting says something.

This thing isnt going away anytime soon… :)