My Programming Manifesto

Once in a while, an absolutely brilliant post comes along. This is the type of post that you just cant add anything to, and the kind that you end up referring to and re-reading a few times to make sure you get every last nugget of information. This doesnt happen often, but when it does, its absolutely amazing. Jeremy Miller just posted one of these.

Entitled “My Programming Manifesto”, this absolutely sums up the way that I feel that software development should be done. The items on the right in normal text are important, but given a choice between that and the bold item on the left, Id take the item on the left any day of the week.

  • Unit testing and testability over defensive coding, tracing, debugging and paranoid scoping
  • Sharp tools over coding with the kid gloves on
  • Writing maintainable code over architecting for reuse and the future
  • Explicit code over design time wizards
  • Software engineering over computer science

If you havent read this article yet, go do it now. If you have already, it probably would not be a bad idea to read it again. There is a great amount of brilliance in that post, and I want to thank Jeremy for this.