An effective Scrum master...

  1. Helps the Scrum team to understand that it is self managed. It is the Scrum master’s job to ease this transition.
  2. Has no authority over the development teams. They are only there to ensure that the Scrum process is adhered to and that the team’s needs are met.
  3. Helps the team work collaboratively and helps with transparency, which is essential to the Scrum process.
  4. Let’s the team figure things out on their own.
  5. Facilitates a daily Scrum meeting which the Scrum team uses to synchronize their work with the rest of the team. Since they are not reporting to the Scrum master, the Scrum team should be talking to each other, not the Scrum master.

Being an effective Scrum master is an art. An effective Scrum master can be the difference between the success or failure of an iteration. To read more about managing agile projects with Scrum, I strongly recommend that you read this book. This has really opened my eyes as to what Scrum means and how to implement it.