This is how life should be

This is part of the lyric for the music in the Progressive.Com commercials. Having gotten married a while back, we’ve put off combining car insurance for a while. However, the time has now come. Lindsay’s policy was up for renewal, and so was mine. What better time.

I browsed around online for a while, trying to find quotes. What I found really bothered me. Most places want you to fill in all your information and then they say they’ll call you back within 24 hours. A few websites like that, and I remembered the Progressive.Com commercial.

This was far and away the best online shopping experience I’d ever had. Very straightforward. Enter your information, enter your VIN numbers, enter your violations (2 for Lindsay, none for me, thank you!) and lo and behold, there was a dollar amount on my screen.

Click purchase, enter my financial info, and then done deal. I have a link on my screen to print out temporary insurance cards along with an option to have them fax me verification of insurance. After I print them out, I notice there’s a little problem with the application (something I entered incorrectly). I click the link on the page that says “Talk to me”. I type in my phone number and within 15 seconds, my phone rings with a Progressive.Com representative on the phone ready to answer my questions.

I didn’t not have to find an 800 number, nor did I have to navigate through a minefield of options to get to the person I needed to talk to. They called me, and they were very eager to help.

Progressive has really nailed it with this website. This really is how life should be!