Bode Miller

It is not very often that I find myself hoping that someone loses in anything that they are competing in. I cant remember ever actually hoping that an athlete from the United States loses in the Olympics.

That changed over the past several weeks as Ive gotten to witness the train wreck that is Bode Miller. First off, this guy comes on 60 Minutes and admits to racing “wasted”, and actually says something along the lines of he’d do it again. That is wrong on so many levels. First off, you are hurtling yourself down a mountain at speeds greater than 70mph. It would certainly behoove you to have your faculties intact and unaltered.

Bode says as part of his apology that he “doesnt want to be a role model”. I dont care if this isnt what you want. You are an athlete that is at the top of your game. You are going to be a role model, whether you want to or not. Thats part of the deal. If you dont like it, consider a different career.

After this debacle, which has put kind of a black eye on the US Ski Team, he then goes out at the Olympics and places fifth in the men’s downhill. Not only does he express satisfaction with this performance, but there are also stories that he was out after midnight drinking beers with his buddies the night before the race.

Again, both of these things are just wrong. First off, why would any athlete be satisfied with a fifth place performance, especially when you have won gold medals at several world championships and silver medals at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City?

Secondly, there has already been a big fiasco around Bode’s drinking and racing. Im all for someone hanging out and slamming back a couple of beers with your buddies, but would it hurt for you to put down the glass and get in bed early the night before what is probably the biggest race of your career. I mean, seriously…

This guy has handled himself like an absolute ass over the past several weeks, and I for one was not heartbroken at all when he was disqualified during yesterday’s combined event for stradling a gate. After this, he drops this gem when asked how he felt about a lost opportunity for gold for the second time in three days. He says, “I dont tend to get that disappointed. At least I dont have to go all the way down to Torino tomorrow.”

Wow. Thanks for that, Bode. Im sure that Ted Ligety, who won the gold that you couldnt, doesnt mind going “all the way down to Torino” to pick up his medal. Im also sure the US Ski Team along with Nike (your sponsor) are terribly proud of you and your comments. Do them and the rest of us a favor and go away. If you dont want to win, we could care less what you have to say. If you dont want to win, we certainly dont want to watch you.