No one individual is greater than the team

No one individual is greater than the team. This idea was brought home by some things that happened in the NFL this weekend.

Terrell Owens is probably one of the best receivers in the league as far as raw talent goes. While with the San Francisco 49ers, he was never really content to let his skills do the talking. He was no stranger to controversy, on the field and off. Some of his more famous moments include gems like running out from the end zone to pose on the Dallas Cowboy’s star on the 50 yard line. Also, signing a ball that he caught for a touchdown, with a Sharpie that he had stored in his sock, and then giving that ball to his agent.

Last year, after causing a considerable stink, NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, and along with QB Donovan McNabb took the Eagles all the way to the Super Bowl, where they ended up losing.

And here is where the wheels came of for Terrell… A rough recap of the things that happened since that loss:

  • Owens makes comments to a reporter about how he “wasn’t the guy who got tired in the Super Bowl”. By throwing his QB under a bus, he ignites a feud with McNabb in which the two don’t speak for several months
  • Owens fires his agent and hires mega-agent Drew Rosenhaus and wants to redo his deal, claiming that he outperformed his 7 year, $49M contract. This saga included such gems as, “You know, I’m just trying to feed my family.” Right, because I’m sure your family is eating Ramen noodles on your $49M salary.
  • He’s upset with the organization that there was no in-stadium acknowledgement of his 100th TD reception. “That right there just shows you the type of class and integrity that they claim not to be. They claim to be first class and the best organization. It’s an embarrassment. It just shows a lack of class they have.”
  • Engaged in a fist fight in the locker room with another teammate
  • Insists that the Eagles would be undefeated with Brett Favre at quarterback. Once again he throws his quarterback under the bus to feed his own inflated ego.

Head coach Andy Reid and the rest of the organization seem to have had enough. On Saturday, the Eagles suspended Owens indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team. They have drawn a line in the sand and sent a very clear message by benching arguably the best receiver in the league because he can not get along with the rest of the team.

It does not matter how good you are, if you cannot exist in harmony with the other members on your team, that team will move on without you.