An attempt to recapture my youth

Early on in my teens, I was introduced to Motley Crue. Some of their early songs made quite an impression on me and that style of music was a significant part of my teenage years. Tonight, in an attempt to try and recapture days gone by, I went to see the Motley Crue show as it rolled through Boise, Idaho. I was not really sure what to expect… Although once the lights went down and the circus tent became visible, I knew what I was in for.

The first thing I need to say that I was completely surprised by the average age of the attendees. It had to have been at least 35. Clearly, Motley Crue has not gained any new fans since their last significant studio album (Dr. Feelgood) almost 16 years ago.

All told, the show was what I hoped it would be: a big party and a wonderful time.

It was unexpected to see these guys growing older, slower and fatter (as we all do). In my mind, they were timeless. I was expecting to see these 20-something party-animals running around stage like I did when I last saw them in ‘91.

Mick Mars (the guitar player) had recently had a hip replacement surgery and his battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis resulted in his inability to move his neck as the joints and bones in his spine are fusing together. This guy looked like he was 80 years old out on stage. I half expected to see a wheelchair to take him off.

Vince Neil (the singer) was so old and out of shape that he could not put an entire vocal line together during the whole set. What you got was the first and fourth word of the line and that was it. Thankfully for him, the audience knew virtually every word to every song and picked up where he left off.

Watching these guys on stage, combined with the energy in the crowd did take me back to my youth, if only for a couple of hours. That alone was worth the $45 admission. Thanks guys, for a great time and giving me something I never thought Id see again – the original Motley Crue, live and on stage.