Evaluating text editors

More and more things are turning me against the VS .NET IDE. So, for the last few days, Ive started to evaluate text editors.

The good ones that I’ve seen so far include:

  • (X)EMacs
  • Visual SlickEdit

The only drawback that Ive found with EMacs is that I havent been able to find good C# syntax highlighting for it and dropdown completion is not there. SlickEdit just aboslutely rocks. I love how when you inherit from a base class, it shows you a dialog of the virtual methods that you can override.

Things that my next text editor should do:

  • Provide project type of support (ie: groups of .cs files that can be compiled at once)
  • Debugging support would be nice, but not necessary

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve looked at Eclipse and completely fell in love with it, for Java support. However, the C# support for Eclipse is very limited to say the least. I’d love to have the same support for C# within Eclipse (especially the refactoring support). I know that the refactoring support is coming with Whidbey, but Im not sure I want to wait that long. ;)