Blogging can be difficult

Its been just over a month since my first post and as I reflect back on the month that has passed, I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging at times can be difficult.

Granted that there are blogs like Mark’s that people will visit all the time, the majority of blogs do not have that kind of readership. Blogging seems to me to be very similar to being a radio announcer. While you’re first starting out, you never quite know for sure if there’s anyone out there listening.

The comment mechanism is similar to that of a radio announcer as well. Most people that listen to a radio station don’t call and talk with the radio announcer. It seems as this is another similarity, as I would imagine that the majority of people visiting a specific blog will not leave comments.

Is this the reason why a lot of people start blogging and then stop shortly thereafter? Have you started a blog and then either took it down or stopped posting to it? If so, I’d like to hear why.