SQL Server Centric .NET code generator

So, earlier this evening, a friend points me at this utility called OlyMars.

Quoting from their homepage:

SQL Server Centric .NET Code Generator (code named OlyMars) is both a flexible and powerful code generator based on database modeling.

It allows instant generation of both SQL and .Net code providing a complete library of stored procedures, .NET classes and ready-to-use Windows/Web form controls (including associated documentation).

SQL Server Centric .NET Code Generator is also fully extensible to use one’s own custom templates and consequently can be adjusted to generate any custom code respecting a homogeneous implementation scheme within the company (can be written either in VB .NET or C# .NET).

I’m a little skeptical, as Ive looked at several code generators to automate this monotonous task. Doesn’t it seem like countless hours are wasted on writing code that is essentially the same, just different method names?

I decide to take the plunge, and am pretty excited about this one. The biggest advantage to this is that it uses templates throughout, so that you can maintain consistency with your current company/personal coding standards.

Another fantastic feature of this is the capability of extending this component, to provide functionality that you feel may be missing.

A number of templates are included, which include SQL Server 2000 stored procedure, .NET framework data access classes, windows/web controls, and windows/web forms.

If I have one gripe about this tool, its the UI. Very clunky, not as polished as I would have expected. Also, it would be nice to see this integrate into the VS.NET IDE somehow. It is important to keep in mind that this product is and will continue to be unsupported.

All in all though, I am pretty excited about this tool and am looking forward to working with it some more.

Im anxious to hear what others think.